Starcom Vietnam

Services Services


•Establish and specify objects and targets of systems and devices
•Make strategy choice and suitable method
•Specify benefits of choiced solutions and plans
•Analyze relational between quality, progress and cost
•Specify high risk and resolve method
•Specify resources, skill and services to deploy


•Determine strong/weak points of the existing system/device
•Propose suitable solution and plan
•Evaluate and choose implementation method
•Build up system requirement and functions
•Commit to finance and quality requirement
•Commit to system backup and redundant ability
•Comply to applications requirement


•Remove, packing and displace

•Installation: cabling, install, config, setup parameters, fine tune and optimize system…
•Commissioning: Test, run test,
•Nghiệm thu: Kiểm tra, chạy thử, completed work
•Training service
•Test and maintain equipment, upgrade system
•Make report about upgrade requirements of system
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