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Electronics & Telecom
Communication Systems

    •Multichannels HF, VHF, UHF Station/Mobile systems
•Multiplexers devices
•Voice communication control system
•Recording devices

Transmission systems

•Satellite communications (Earth station, mobile station)
•VSAT antennas (fixed, stabilized, TVRO)
•Microwave transmission
•Optical Fiber, Fiber devices and materials (mux, modem, converter, fiber…)

Audio Visual integration

•AV integration for meeting hall, conference room
•AV switching system and camera control integrated
•Conference audio system for meeting hall and conference room
•Projector devices
•Public Adress system
•Scheduling system

Displaying system

•Large Videowall
•Power Projector

Camera systems

•Security camera
•Thermal camera for security surveillance and safety monitoring
•Specialized handheld thermal camera
•ITS Camera
•Speed gun

Security system

•Access control
•Security camera
•Wire/wireless alarm system
•Fire protection


Power systems

•Inverter, rectifier
•Battery for generator, telecom, electric power…
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